“I started using Nutra-Lix last August on a trial basis. Previously, I was feeding a dry mineral supplement and although it was mixed with oil, I was never sure my horse actually eating all of it. After the first week of feeding Nutra-Lix Plus I was starting to see changes in my horse. I am impressed at how easy it is to feed and how she took right to it. I show recognized dressage and sometimes the shows are quite long and my mare tires by the third day. Being on Nutra-Lix, her stamina increased and she was able to get through the shows and maintain her freshness. I was also having a hard time maintaining her weight due to the hectic training schedule. After the first week of being on the product her weight began to increase and she blossomed. It has now been 6 months and even my farrier has commented about the change in her feet. She has very soft feet but the biotin in the product is helping to make her feet stronger. I’m sold on the product and now feed it to all my horses!”
- Colleen Claiter, Alberta, Canada

"This is a wonderful program! In regards to Nutra-Lix, Inc. products in our cow/calf operation we use the loose mineral and the liquid feed with bio moss added. The difference in the health of our cows is noticeable. Our calves in particular have better immune systems and therefore less loss.  These calves are more even, rarely need doctored and have more energy. Our cows had measurably fewer calving problems compared to previous years, which saved us labor, time & money. Calving is pretty easy now, which reduces stress. I can highly recommend this Nutra-Lix program, because along with our hay/pasture, this is complete nutrition for our cattle. I truly feel they are getting everything they need now. We have seen the positive difference in our program, and it pays off in the quality of cattle our ranch produces."
- Katie Eastman, Diamond E Ranch, Cody, WY

"We use it across the board …It’s a product that worked for us. It’s put pounds on our calves, we’ve put pounds on our cows. It’s just a win-win for us…It will always be something we have in our bag of tricks."
- Pam Stevens, C-J Ranch Video

"We needed added extra with the stocker cattle. So, we got into using Nutra-Lix to improve weights. The cattle before [Nutra-Lix] were big ranges in weights. Now we don’t have nearly as many weigh-backs due to weight, foot rot or pink eye due to the mineral. Our labor has gone down immensely because of the mineral. John [Nutra-Lix dealer] has been a great asset to us. He is the one putting it out, he adjusts it for us. He’s watching the cattle so if he thinks there is something we need to add or take away, he’s always on top of it…For the money spent, the value we get out at the end of it is immense. You can’t not have it."
- Jeremy Olson, Q Ranch Video

“It is important to me to make sure my horses are feeling good when I ask them to perform for me. My horses work and look like a million buck with Nutra-Lix Plus! I have an eleven year old gelding that had stifle surgery. I have been feeding him Nutra-Lix Plus and Nutra-Lix Joint-Rite, and my veterinarian cannot believe how good he looks! I believe the Nutra-Lix Joint-Rite is really making my horse recover from surgery faster than normal.”
- Jill Ferdina, 4-time Montana Circuit Finals Qualifier and 2009 Barrel racing Champion & Record Holder at Cody, Wyoming

"We started with Nutra-Lix in 88. We just weren’t satisfied with, at that time, cake was the big deal. It helped with the uneasiness in the winter, but also you have those cows on it in the summer. The cow has enough extra weight, that will get you a long way into the winter. The supplementation is just an all-around benefit. We see great results in the summer when the cows maintain their weight and the calves put on 30-40 pounds…Give it a try, because then you’ll know. I think you will find that 8 out of 10 times you’ll see that it’s a benefit."
- Dennis Mercer, Painted Rock Angus Video

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