Nutra-Lix Plus

Our Nutra-Lix Plus is a comprehensive liquid vitamin and mineral supplement that is formulated for optimum horse health and performance. Nutra-Lix Plus contains maximum levels of concentrated key nutrients, highly digestible minerals and significant levels of vitamin E combined with biotin, L Lysine and D.L. Methionine. The results of this formulation are:

  • Better feed utilization
  • A richer, shinier hair coat
  • Better hoof condition
  • Increase stamina and energy
Nutra-Lix Joint-Rite
Today’s performance horse have to meet increasing demands for speed, agility and strength. Demands on the equine athlete are now greater than ever. To meet this need Nutra-Lix developed Joint-Rite – a nutraceutical aid for the treatment and prevention of joint problems in your horse. It is especially formulated to promote joint health in stress conditions.
Solid Performance Blocks
Specifically formulated with your pastured horses in mind. Supplementing your horse’s nutritional needs has gotten even easier. Nutra-Lix Solid Performance Blocks will supply the majority of the Nutra-Lix Plus nutrients in a solid format. Now you can supply the Nutritional needs of your pastured horses with 12% protein block fortified with Biotin, Lysine, Methionine and 5% fat for energy.

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